Wireless Gateway

Reads salt rate from spreader and communicates it to the In-Vehicle Tablet

When snow and ice cover city streets, it is imperative to ensure that salt and abrasives are dispensed adequately according to accurately prepared plans. Overspreading leads to environmental damage and massive budget overruns. Poor execution can cause major risks and affect the safety of everyone on the roads. Historically, municipalities and their employees have had to make assumptions as to how much salt and abrasives to apply on the roads at any given time. Digital salt controllers, designed to increase the deployment rate accuracy have become common in the past decade.  What was missing however was the ability to plan and manage which rates were required, where and when.

Today, SimpliCity can now connect to many of the most popular salt controllers on the market. After 2 years of research and analysis working closely with several municipalities, Operasoft has designed and launched a new device which allows monitoring of salt rates and reporting in real time via Bluetooth to the SimpliCity mobile application.

The new Wireless Gateway finally closes the loop by announcing the required rates and monitoring whether they are being properly followed. It is currently compatible with the Force America brand salt controllers with updates scheduled soon to connect with a wide range of other manufacturers such as ACE, Dickey-John, and several more.


Monitor salt consumption

Never again will operations reports be difficult to obtain when needed.  Data is gathered in real-time with the SimpliCity system to generate reports on demand while displaying required rates and routes in the vehicle.

Program salt routes and rates

Via the Android Mobile App, SimpliCity has been helping to guide municipal equipment operators along optimal routes for many years. More than ever, it is easy to monitor route progress, plow positions, material type used, usage rates, and manual rate changes throughout the route.

Alert driver if out-of-rate bound

The mobile application has real-time audible signals immediately alerting operators when they are not following the required winter snow control plan.  The goal is to decrease operator workload while reducing material waste and ensuring proper coverage on all roads, as planned.

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