Success Stories

“The City of Pembroke began using Operasoft GPS systems in November of 2014. We currently have GPS units installed in eight winter control units. The installation is simple and once installed the units are activated in a matter of minutes. The portable tablets are simple to use and work great for daily patrols and for patrols during winter weather events. Having the ability to track the City plow units and sidewalk units as they complete their routes saves time and allows me to make changes quickly as required right from my desk. I know longer guess where my plows are. If a rate payer calls in to inquire about plowing I can provide an answer within seconds.

The City has already saved money in false claims presented for plow damage to parked vehicles. With the GPS systems it is a bullet proof defence to show where and when your plows passed. Most importantly The City of Pembroke has received first rate customer service from Operasoft staff. Any questions and concerns are addressed within minutes and ongoing training is provided through webinar.

The City of Pembroke is very pleased with our GPS system offered through Operasoft.”

– Chris Mantha, Supervisor of Roads and Fleet for City of Pembroke

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