Mobile Management Solutions

Operasoft provides SaaS, turn-key business solutions including all the tools and features necessary for a single, integrated view of operations, whether they are private business or municipalities. Our clients can now get a clear and transparent view of everything that is going on, optimize their human and material resources, and manage remote work on several sites.

Operasoft strives to constantly evolve its platforms to create valuable solutions meeting the needs of its clients including quick implementations, proper training of their clients’ employees as well as after-sales support.

Our Simplify and Simplicity solutions are essentially mobility centric business management platforms. The solutions are fully integrated to Android based 7’’ 3G wireless ruggedized terminals. These terminals are constantly keeping the employees in the field up-to-date on the latest information and workload as planned by the office employees. Furthermore, the tablets collect and transmit real-time GPS/telematics, vehicle telemetry (salt spread rates, road temperature, plow/broom position, etc.) and form based user entered information.

Our solutions are designed to help operations managers in the office communicate their plans and measure the results of the field personnel.

Operasoft is very sensitive to the particular needs of its customers and we’re focussed on finding solutions that provide great value to our clients, while enabling our platform to constantly evolve with more features added to the platforms with agile development lead sprints delivered every 2 to 4 weeks.


Our solution for Municipal Public Works


Our solution for Snow & Landscaping

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