Kickstart Your Operations...

SimpliStart is a simple, competitive and all-inclusive package. This is the fastest way to get you started to easily manage your operations with this turn-key solution. It includes:

  • All licenses for 12 months
  • 5 In-Vehicle Tablets
  • 5 GPS Trackers
  • 5 Simplicity office user accesses
  • Public Tracking feature
  • Social Connector
  • Training program
  • Full support from our Customer Care Department

The Workshop

An integral piece of the SimpliStart package, each Workshop is a unique experience centered around your own particular environment. Our team will gather facts for evaluation to help you quickly implement your new turn-key solution. The ultimate goal is to maximize the results of SimpliCity as it begins to transform your municipality into a Smart City.

The Mission

We work with our clients to gather and analyze data while preparing a tactical plan and strategy to deal with some of the most common problems facing a municipality: inefficient routes, overuse of material, and mountains of paperwork. In many cases, we undertake this workshop on-site to meet with the team of employees who will be using it every day so they may see it in action.

Usual Workshop Attendees

  • Project Manager
  • Foreman
  • Supervisor
  • Public Works
  • Roads
  • Infrastructure / Asset Management
  • Operations Manager
  • GIS / Geospatial Mapping

The Workshop Agenda

  • Pre-Workshop Discussing SimpliCity
  • Webinar Introduction
  • Use Cases
  • Employee Coordination
  • Data Import and Lesson on Route Creation
  • Hands on Demo – Up to 2 Days of On-Site Guidance
  • Remote Web Walkthrough
  • Follow-up

SimpliCity Advantages

  • Eliminate paperwork
  • The Live View Map – 360° View of your Entire Operations
  • Design and Manage Routes
  • Create and Dispatch Digital Work Orders On-Demand
  • Asset Inspection and Tracking in Real-Time
  • 100% Cloud Based – Avoid the Cost and Hassle of IT

What’s possible with SimpliCity?

  • Salt Spreading Routes – Automate your Winter Operations
  • Snow Removal – Know What Was Done and When
  • Work Order Management and Dispatching
  • Road Sign Inspections – Make Sure Your Assets Are Up to Code
  • Pothole Repair – Detailed with Geolocation, Photos, Prioritization, and Crew Assignment
  • Park & Sidewalk Inspection Cycles – Take the Guesswork Out of Your Municipal Operations
  • And many more…

The SimpliStart Advantage

The final outcome of the Workshop is nothing less than a complete plan to address the needs of a municipality. It ensures a more effective solution implementation as key members of the operations team are integrated in the process from the start. With SimpliStart, we show our clients how to evolve from an entity with an old bureaucratic structure into an efficient modern city.

It’s Simple to be a Smart City. Call us Today!

Questions & Answers About SimpliStart

Can I add or suspend users at any time?

Yes. Simply click on the “Account” tab in your SimpliCity web portal to add or suspend users.

What’s an Active user / Unique login?

An “active user” or “unique login” is any user who is active during the billing period. Once a user has become “active” for the 30 day period, there is no limit to the number of times they can login.

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