In-Vehicle Tablet

The In-Vehicle Tablet is a 7’’ Terminal, Android based tablet that includes a built-in GPS receiver and 3G Wireless internet modem. The application allows in-vehicle personnel to have instant access to real-time information available on the SimpliFy or SimpliCity application such as routes, service locations and service calls.

  • Connects the operator to all the strategic information, updated in real-time
  • Displays on a GPS map all the routes and/or service calls to be done
  • Manages the time sheets, inspections, supplies and other paper forms
  • Enables the operators to communicate the incidents requiring infrastructure repairs
  • Regular remote updates with the new functions, without any intervention
  • Allows reading and controlling (coming soon) of the salt volume in real-time, with deviation alerts

Furthermore, the In-Vehicle Tablet users can also enter information that gets relayed back to SimpliFy or SimpliCity such as hours worked, services completed, vehicle or asset inspections, work order completion, damages, and much more. The In-Vehicle Tablet also acts as a GPS tracking device and any vehicle equipped with it doesn’t require the installation of a separate GPS unit.

Quick Features

Built-in GPS Tracking
Battery-powered and charged with CLA


  • No installation required
  • Mounts on windshield
  • Easy to change from one vehicle to another
  • No need to install a GPS tracking device
  • Large and easy to use touch screen
  • GPS navigation built-in
  • Track driver timesheets
  • Dispatch and complete service calls
  • Inspection management
  • More generic / hybrid benefits
  • Sync real-time with Web solution data
  • Eliminate all paperwork
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