GPS Tracker – OBD Port

As an alternative to our In-Vehicle Tablet, some clients opt to use our GPS tracking unit. It is a very small GPS tracking system installed in vehicles.

The device sends the position of vehicles in real time, back to our servers, every time a vehicle changes heading by only 5 degrees. This allows for the most accurate verification of exactly when and where vehicles have been.

Once plugged in, SimpliFy and SimpliCity users immediately have access to view the vehicle’s exact location in real-time and historically, compared to routes and client locations you can enter on our mapping portals.

Quick Features

Track your vehicles in real-timeat a very low cost
View the progress of the scheduled routes at a glance
Historical reports to determine where vehicles have serviced

Site reports to calculate the presence per
vehicle, depending on the date
Transmit the status of 4 devices per vehicle
(snow plow, salt, sweepers, etc.)


More Features

(heading change)

and other events
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