About Us


Operasoft is dedicated to providing the best turn‐key mobile resource management and decision support systems to its clients, helping them plan and achieve their strategic and operational objectives.


Operasoft was founded in 2005 by Paul-André Savoie, an entrepreneur having built and sold several successful software companies. He is the sole shareholder. In 2007, he decided to team up with his residential snow remover to help him grow his business.

In just 2 years, the company grew from $250,000 to just under $2 Million in annual sales, with nearly 4,000 residential and commercial clients to serve. In December 2009, after a record snowfall, it was clear that the software platform that had been built out of pure necessity was in fact revolutionary.

Today, the solution has evolved into a sophisticated Mobile Resource Management Solution, serving year round both snow removal and landscaping corporations with its SimpliFi solution, and municipal public works division with the SimpliCity solution. We proudly serve public and private sector companies across Canada and the United States.


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